There Was So Much Coffee

The title of my blog page is “Coffee, Concepts, and Canon” and you’re probably wondering why that is since I haven’t talked about coffee at all or concepts very much. Heck, you might even wonder why I included “Canon” in the title – here’s why.

Coffee – I really love coffee. All coffee everything: chocolate covered coffee beans, hot coffee, iced coffee, coffee flavored ice cream – I love it all. Espresso is the best, by far, but the strong black coffee I had when I was in Copenhagen, DK, was absolutely spectacular too. American coffee is kind of weak and makes me sad.

Concepts – I’ve only had 3 other blog posts. It takes time for concepts to develop. Also, I launched this right before I left for my study abroad; the only concept I’ve been able to address has been my first travel experience, so hold on to your pants and we’ll get to the good stuff soon enough.

Canon – Might I refer you to my first post? I shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel T5, a camera that I call my baby because it’s my first DSLR and I love it so much. I’ve had it for almost a year now, and by the time it’s one year old, I’ll have taken 10,000 photos with it. I feel bad acknowledging it, but I do have a favorite lens – it’s my 75-300mm. It’s just so big and produces such clear, crisp images!

Let’s talk about coffee – I’ve consumed so much in the last three weeks. It has been limited to espresso and black coffee because I don’t understand the menus here and didn’t want to bother the people working. Since I’ve been in Copenhagen, though, I’ve had so much more coffee than I’m used to. Partially because coffee here just smells and tastes better, but partially because it’s also just so inexpensive. Why can’t the United States copy this model? I’ve tried black coffee with honey (it’s SO GOOD) and straight espresso here, and the straight espresso is a lot creamier and less bitter. I’m wondering if this means I’ll have to make my own coffee from this point on…

Let’s talk about concepts – my positive psychology class has been extremely informational. The materials we were given to read and the work we were assigned did a great job in aiding my learning and incorporating class concepts into everyday applications. I am so grateful for this class, this opportunity, and the support I received from friends, family, and the staff at school. Also, the differences in social and political systems between Denmark is subtle at first, but drastic upon further investigation (I got to learn more by interviewing Danes for an assignment in my class).

Let’s talk about Canon – I love my camera so damn much. I’ve used it for documenting activities of myself and others, to take portraits and memorialize different events. During my trip, I went to turn it on – and I was terrified. My camera didn’t turn on. I was freaking out. I was supposed to go on a photo adventure, and it wouldn’t turn on. I panicked. A lot. Thankfully, I tried a couple things and calmed down a little bit and it finally turned on again. I probably would have just died from stress on the spot if my camera had stopped working. (Thanks, Mike, for being a calm and patient presence while I troubleshot. You’re the real MVP).

While I was in Copenhagen, I had the unique and extremely awesome opportunity of meeting up with a fellow photographer from a group on Facebook called “build + bloom by jessica whitaker“. How this came about was that previously, I had seen a post in the group about how there was a lack of diversity in portraits, specifically that there was pretty much just white people getting photos done. Someone’s response to that was to make an Instagram account (@pocfeatures) featuring only POC portraits, and they asked people to tag photos with #pocfeatures so that they could be featured on the page; I tagged some of my photos from my shoot with Justin in December and on Thursday, my photo was featured on the @pocfeatures page!

Then, one of the co-admins of the page messaged me because she noticed that I was in Copenhagen. We decided to do a photography collaboration (my first!) and we met up in the Botanical Gardens on last day my there. Caroline was such a sweetheart and absolutely fabulous to work with. She knew exactly how to direct me as a model, sharing her ideas with me but also letting me have the freedom to pose. The photos I saw looked absolutely amazing, and I’m so obsessed with the results of the shoot!! Check out her work at @coaportraits on Instagram!

I could really use some coffee right now. I have been editing photos for pretty much as long as I have been home – and I’m still not done yet. I’ve taken some amazing photos that you can find either on my site or on my Facebook page of both people and places that I saw in Copenhagen. I kid you not when I say there was a ton – altogether, there were about 2,000 photos to sort through. In the mean time, I’m taking a lunch break before editing some more photos.


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