Dear Future Career

Only a few months away from being done with college, and there has never been more uncertainty in my life regarding where I’ll be in the coming months.

Whatever path I choose, the three key things I would need in my career would be autonomy, opportunities to learn and grow, and the means to foster connections with others. Because of this, I know I could fit in just about wherever I’m needed. The problem is, where do I start looking? Where will I be in 6 months – in a year? How will I be contributing to society?

Let’s talk more about those three career values: autonomy, learning, and connection.

I was raised to be independent, to understand the importance of freedom, and to self-motivate. Because of this, I know that wherever I end up working, I’ll find ways to improve how I do the work I do in the environment, improve my quality of work without being asked, and motivate myself to not only do what’s needed but to go above and beyond. Realistically, I wouldn’t be happy in my work unless I had the opportunity to direct myself in my work. This doesn’t exclude the possibility of teamwork at all – in fact, it’s incredibly important, especially considering how much I value connections. Even within teams, it’s important that members feel like their independent work is crucial to the benefit of the team – that way, they have personal responsibility for the work they do, hopefully resulting in a higher quality of work all the way around.

Doing something without learning how to get better is kind of boring, frankly. I’m a curious person by nature, and even in positions where there isn’t a ton of room for growth, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my own process and product. When given the opportunity, I will seek out resources to help me learn more about what I’m doing or what I want to do. Learning is a constant path that all of us engage in, regardless of whether we do it intentionally. It’s what keeps us from stagnating, and a big part of what keeps us motivated.

And finally, the big question for any extrovert: what is the purpose of doing something if it doesn’t involve connecting with others? Personally, I don’t see the point of working so hard on projects, specifically art, unless it’ll bring both personal fulfillment and enrich the lives of others. I absolutely love being able to connect with others – not only does it provide plenty of opportunities to learn from and about others, but it ultimately benefits everyone. We are social creatures – we want to belong. Overall, I don’t just want to make collections for personal gain,  I want to connect others to each other. Let’s build a community of people with common interests who can help each other.

Hopefully, I’m able to take advantage of the opportunities available, growing, learning, and connecting with others along the way. Wish me luck as I submit applications, and thank you for your continual support along the way!

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