Waxing Poetic About a New Adventure

Ascending into clouds is euphoric; nothing is on my mind other than wonder and awe.

Watching the clouds go past, seeing peaks and valleys and rivers in a sea of softness. It looks so solid, like it could be a land itself, but to put too much trust in something so beautiful would be unwise. I’ll continue to watch from below, and from above when opportunities arise. In lucky glances, I catch pieces of the patchwork of the earth – sections of land, so small and well organized from up here. Those small pieces are places to explore, fill of opportunity to collect another piece of the puzzle that covers our world. I’m drawn to wonder: what stories does that land hold, of people who live there, people who have died there, people who have visited?

The descent washes my fears from me, strips me of my ties and my history, makes me a new, enigmatic being in an unfamiliar place where I can become whoever I choose.

But of course, I’ll choose to be me.

I’m finally settled into bed at my loft in Cape Town. It’s hard to believe that 24 hours ago, I was working on some sweet art with my creative pals in the Detroit area, doing something new for all of us. Incredibly hard to believe that 24 hours ago, I was 8,276 miles (and a little more) away from where I’m resting now.

This felt like my longest flight. I had plenty of time to finish more photo sets (until my laptop died), enjoy some new music, and think about everything my summer was in Detroit. The last hour of the flight got to me, but I pinned my headphones to my ears and tried to sink myself back into the music. Eight and a half hours, then 11 hours in a plane? Too manu hours. TOO. MANY. But I was able to pull all this together in the mean time.

This summer’s schedule:

May 11: collaboration day featuring Leslie Graver‘s designs.

May 25: second shot a wedding with Jasen Bergamini.

May 27: modeled at a Pride styled wedding shoot organized by Samm Oz and Mechelle Sieglitz.

June 4-5: went to Grand Rapids to visit Alex!

June 6: Alex and I went to Chicago to check out the wndr museum.

June 7: stopped into Lansing on the way home to meet a model (after having the world work against us for MONTHS.)

June 8: Golden Hour Extravaganza, a general meet up for creatives. Just the right amount of people showed up that I wasn’t overwhelmed.

June 10: went to model at Silver Lake Sand Dunes with Mechelle Sieglitz for a desert styled elopement shoot.

June 12: had three doctor appointments in the same day and slept HARD because my body was confused by receiving three vaccines at once.

Other than what is listed, there were 20 more sessions scheduled. I had a handful of days where I went downtown in the early afternoon and stayed downtown for other shoots. And! To my pleasant surprise, I was able to get on the other side of the camera to model several times as well.

Yes, it was a busy month at home. Realistically, I could have stayed longer and spread things out more. I really wanted to. But it’s so easy to get busy, and so, so easy to forget to spend time with the people you love interacting with, whether it be through creating, hanging out, or exploring together. I got busy and didn’t get to soak up the sun while laying in the backyard. There was always something to create, and I wanted to do that. (Also, it was far too cold for sunbathing.)

After having realized that I don’t do super well in the cold, I did my best to make sure I have plenty of warm items in my bag. Granted, I did forget how to dress warm, but I’m hoping the sweaters I shoved in there are of some use, or that Cape Town magically warms up while I’m there.

We’ll see how the weather is tomorrow!

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