Lindsey and Coy

Wow, what an absolutely fantastic day I had last week. Spending the day with friends where you just flow throughout the day is a wonderful experience, especially when it starts with crepes and friendship and ends with sunset on a beach and sunset. Thanks to Lindsey and Coy, I was able to test the processes of a potential day long in-home photo package and create some spectacular photos throughout the day along with two fellow creatives.

I drove all the way across the state, walked into their beautiful home, and was greeted by “AH! You almost made me drop my croissant!” – Lindsey and Coy had been watching Vine compilations while waiting for me to arrive, and I happened to step into their house at just the right time.

What a great introduction to a lovely and wacky couple.

After a quick tour of the house, and a brief introduction to Mega, the tiny black pom that was excited to bother yet another person for attention, Coy offered to make dinner since he knew I had a busy day before getting to them, and I wasn’t about to turn down food. Cue us, on a midnight Meijer run. Plenty of discussion about food options and who the pickiest eater is, we decide on spaghetti with a sweet potato and brussels sprout hash made with turkey sausage. Lindsey and I had grabbed a bottle of blueberry wine to accompany our past-midnight dinner, and it was a fantastic choice. (I’m sure you clicked into the blog post solely for a description of this meal.) Thanks for the food, friends! Immediately after eating, we went to bed so we could be up bright and early to go get crepes at Brown Butter, probably one of my favorite places in Grand Rapids by now.

The next day: breakfast with Alex, a friend you’ve heard about so many times by now if you’ve been following along with this blog. Lindsey and Coy were super cute snuggled up in the booth together, so of course we took photos of them there. Coy and I decided to be strange and enjoy side salads with our breakfast crepes, because why wouldn’t you want spring mix for breakfast?? Following a heartwarming and surprisingly photo-filled breakfast, we headed back to Lindsey & Coy’s house to take care of some errands and

Lindsey sits down at the dining room table to get some work done. Coy resumes painting some spots in the bathroom since they’ve been redoing it. I settle in to some editing. Mega hopped into my lap and fell asleep on my arm.

And then, after some time doing our own things, we started creating together. I forget how we came about this concept, but Lindsey and Coy were wild enough to let me put flowers up on their wall… with nails. The nails were definitely Lindsey’s idea, for the record. The end result of the flower wall was simple, but amazing, and the portraits we did in front of it are gorgeous! I can’t wait to get those finished and start sharing them.

Our final destination for the day was Oval Beach in Saugatuck. It was a gorgeous beach day – a little cloudy, not too hot, not too humid. The water was freezing, though Lindsey would strongly disagree. We started with a swim session to create some work for Lindsey’s portfolio, then transitioned into a laid-back bridal shoot with Lindsey slipping into her wedding dress (“This thing was too expensive to only use it once!”) and Coy throwing on his suit and a sharp looking tie. All I have to say about the shoot was that it was everything I needed in that moment, and they did phenomenal. We did have several people say congratulations or ask when they were married, to which the response was “5 years ago – thanks!” basically every time. During our shoot, Kalamazoo photographer Landon Lacey joined us for a bit and contributed plenty of good energy in the forms of bad puns and sarcasm – you know, the best kind of jokes.

Finally, we ended the day with a picnic and enjoyed some charcuterie and Coy’s sushi: california rolls and mango cucumber rolls. Both absolutely delightful. As we lay on the beach, the sun gave us the most golden rays, as if to bless the day we had and the experiences.

But wait, there’s more! We didn’t part ways at the beach – instead, we drove to a nearby restaurant on Landon’s recommendation. Upon arriving at The Southerner, we tried a few items, I had some of the best friend chicken of my life, and we had plenty of great conversation.

After our second dinner, we parted ways. I absolutely cannot wait to see Lindsey and Coy again sometime soon. As a romantic couple, they bring spectacular energy. As a creative couple, they absolutely blew me away. Thank you two so much for your time, hospitality, food, and friendship! Here’s to seeing you soon!


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