Conclusions & Unknowns

For the first time since I was old enough for people to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I don’t know what the future holds. I don’t know what is around the corner of next year, or what’s to come in the following years. I really have no idea what life will look like for 30-year-old Emily. Continue reading “Conclusions & Unknowns”


Wow. I just looked back at work I was doing in early 2018, and I’m astounded by the difference in my work from then til now. Absolutely astounded. I’m almost having a hard time believing that the photos I took last year were even mine. Continue reading “Growth”

Dear Future Career

Only a few months away from being done with college, and there has never been more uncertainty in my life regarding where I’ll be in the coming months.

Whatever path I choose, the three key things I would need in my career would be autonomy, opportunities to learn and grow, and the means to foster connections with others. Because of this, I know I could fit in just about wherever I’m needed. The problem is, where do I start looking? Where will I be in 6 months – in a year? How will I be contributing to society? Continue reading “Dear Future Career”

What Comes First?

If you know me, you know that I’m an active person. I almost always have something on my schedule, and I’m just about always doing something. Most of the time, the people who see me only see me when I’m going to or coming from different events. Student life is a busy life, and working two jobs, three if you count photography, can certainly keep someone occupied.

Continue reading “What Comes First?”

Plenty of Catching Up

This is a long delayed blog post. To give you an idea of when it was supposed to be published, I was going to use this to blog post to announce my “hiatus” during staff training in August… But now we’re in October and I’ve done a photo shoot just about every weekend (or more) while at CMU, so there’s that.

Anyhow, to bring you up to speed, we’ll have a short list of some of the bigger shoots that I did in the rest of my summer before coming back to Mt. Pleasant. Continue reading “Plenty of Catching Up”

A Month in Italy

There’s so much to share from this trip that it’s overwhelming. Emotionally, it was a roller coaster – it began with chaotic flights, loneliness, and minimal food to walking everywhere with good company and eating so much that we could barely move afterward. The people I met were the most important component of this trip, and the main reason for every bit of joy and every memory. I’ll do my best to string all of our crazy little stories together in a narrative to give you a glimpse of the people I met in our time together in Italy.

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