Photo Spree

The last few weeks have been fun and busy. Between prepping for a trip to Florence creating tons of new work, and seeing friends, there has been plenty to do. Instead of a long, reflective intro, we’ll just jump into shoot descriptions this time around!

The first full week of June, my absolutely wonderful photo pal Alex came to Detroit to visit me and a few other people. Together, we went exploring downtown: from the tops of a parking garage to some of the smallest pizza places, we stopped in some great locations for photos. However, before that…

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Catching up on Creating

It’s been exactly a month and a half since my last blog post. Since then, I survived all my classes (I had exactly 90% in 3/4 classes – so close), went on at least 5 shoots, and have had plenty of time to create. This blog post mostly serves as a way of catching up on documenting the last handful of creative shoots that have taken place in the last few weeks. Continue reading “Catching up on Creating”

Which Side of the Camera?

If you’re following my adventures on Instagram, then you’ve seen that I model regularly for my friends and fellow photographers, with Alex being the person you’ve probably seen the most photos from.

You also may have noticed that I’ve been spotty in terms of presence on the platform – that’s because of school. No matter how much I love photography, as a student, I recognize that education is my highest priority. Part of my education helps me learn how to be better with photography, so it certainly is a bit of a trade off! When summer comes around, it’s likely I’ll be posting model calls weekly.

Now that midterms are over, I had some breathing time to catch up on some editing that I had put aside in favor of studying – so there are some new photos up on my Facebook page! I released them there first this time – check them out here!

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Everything is Blue

Instagram is a great way of viewing other’s content, providing feedback, finding models and clients, and interacting with the photography community (or the general community, depending on who you follow). Through the platform, I found a few photographers in Michigan whose photos are AMAZING! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of them and even collaborating with them, but I would love to meet more as I develop my skills! I’ll list a few links so you can check out their work.

Erin McConnell: @erinimages
Hayley Seibel: @seibelhayley
Austin Bond: @aws.ten
Alexandria Rykse: @axieblake
Kaitlin Grant: @kaitlintakespics
Courtney Blackett: @courtneyblackett

Of course, with any social media platform, you might find yourself falling down a rabbit hole of looking at everyone and their sibling’s profiles. It’s happened to all of us – 34 weeks back on a strangers profile, and you accidentally double tap. Ouch.

As a photographer who loves being in front of the camera, I try and find these people quite frequently to collaborate with. It gives me an opportunity to practice my skills on others and learn about new places while making connections with some people that are interested in the same thing as I am. Of course, Instagram is the best way to communicate and plan collaborations with other artists. Last Friday, I saw Hayley’s Instagram story of her outfit and was obsessed – it was perfect for the style I was going for with the shoot! Of course, I messaged her and hoped for the best.

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Less Hair, More Confidence

For many people, getting a haircut can be a bit scary. Sometimes terrifying. We attach so much of our identity to our hair that changing our hairstyle means we’re changing ourselves. What happens if you get a haircut you don’t like? Even worse, what happens if you get a haircut that you DO like but nobody else likes it because they think it’s not “you”?

Now, I can only truly speak from my own perspective, since I only have access to my own mind and experiences. For me, deciding to go shorter than a bob was stressful. Starting from when I actually cared about my appearance, school was a transition from having crazy long, unstyled hair to slowly trying new things (and giving myself a very bad “scene” haircut that I thought was stylish at the time), as well as just letting my hair go and grow. When I started college, I had stopped caring about my hair as much – I just wanted a style that I could have that looked good with minimal effort, so I let my hair grow.

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We Will Shoot

I don’t know what it was about these last few days, but I feel so refreshed and alive. It might’ve been the fact that I sweat my butt off for two days in a row. It might’ve been that I got to travel a bit more this summer. It also might’ve been that I stayed in one of the prettiest and most hospitable places ever, or that I got to meet some very large and very adorable dogs (who have their own Instagram account). But most likely, it was the people I saw and did creative things with that made these last few days so amazing.

The last few days have been super cool for me (except for the fact that every single day was over 85 degrees). Tuesday was Runway on the Runway in Lansing, MI – I modeled for Bad Latitude, a sustainable clothing line based in Michigan. There, I met some amazingly talented people, and had fun showing off fashionable, environmentally-friendly clothes on the runway. My friend Morgan (mentioned in my last blog post) came with me to support my artistic endeavors and explore, and she ended up modeling some of the clothes with me before the show and absolutely killing it! After the show ended, Morgan and I parted ways. I headed up to Grand Rapids, a city I love the looks of and definitely do not know well enough.

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