Two Weeks Away

Two of the three weeks I get to spend in Copenhagen are over. I learned a lot of things about myself and how to navigate the city during the first week, and during the second week I learned about all the interesting things you couldn’t see – things like the philosophy of Danish culture, some of the underlying reasons for different social behaviors, and different attitudes about the world and life.

I wrote a post about what last week was like, complete with photos, but I’ve been having some issues with the blog editor on the website that have resulted in me losing a full post to an accidental button press with no way to restore it. I’m a little bit frustrated about that, but I’ll do my best to recount everything here again.

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Learning About Copenhagen

On the Langebro bridge in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As I write this, I am sitting in my Kollegium room eating some chocolate after three days of jet lag and exploration. I didn’t have class today, so what better way to spend my time than explore the city and write another post?

I have successfully completed my first solo AND first international flight. I only cried about three times when I was leaving my parents at DTW, twice on the international flight with SAS (which was absolutely lovely by the way, 10/10 would recommend), and 6 or 7 times as I got a little bit lost while looking for an ATM. I’ve navigated the local transportation, gotten a little bit confused by the bus system and seen the parts of the city nearest where I have classes and where I live. I even figured out the stove, which was a surprisingly difficult.

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New Adventures

In a couple hours, I’ll be heading to the airport for my first international flight (and first flight ever). I’ll be in Copenhagen, Denmark, for three weeks, with the opportunity to live among the locals and explore the city.

This school year was an intense journey, from deciding what I actually want to do with my life to realizing I have such an open schedule that I can take almost whatever classes I want for the rest of my undergraduate career, from deciding that I was going to stay single and focus on academics to tripping and falling into the best relationship I could’ve ever imagined, from a desire to integrate art into my everyday life to knowing why and how art affects my life. I got to try new things, like writing articles for The Odyssey Online, photographing different events on campus, and giving tours of campus as a Campus Ambassador; each of my involvements this year provided me an unparalleled experience that I am grateful I had, as well as skills that translate to nearly any job I decide to take on in the future.

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