Now that the school year has started up, I find myself reflecting on the last few years of my life. Every year around mid August, I’d be packed up and preparing myself mentally and physically for school. Now, in late August, I find it strange that I have some free time to myself. It’s weird to feel unproductive when I’ve been taking classes or working since I started.

College was an awesome experience for me – I got to see a whole new world (literally) and learn about things I had no idea existed. My friends got me into modeling, then photography, and then I found a new community because of it. I learned so much more about people than I thought I ever would, became more patient with others and myself, and finally figured out a good method for navigating the world.

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Chilly Firsts

Oh boy, is it chilly here. It’s nowhere near as bad as Michigan winters, of course, but it would have been nice to come here right out of a Michigan winter so I would think that this is warm. I miss the Michigan sun so much right now, I can hardly believe it. Especially since I came straight from summer, my body isn’t used to the lack of sunlight or temperatures below 70°. Whatever, I’ll live.

After getting in to the Cape Town airport at 9:20 (right on time!), my driver brought me to my loft for me to ring the bell and… have no one show up. Where were they? Continue reading “Chilly Firsts”

Waxing Poetic About a New Adventure

Ascending into clouds is euphoric; nothing is on my mind other than wonder and awe.

Watching the clouds go past, seeing peaks and valleys and rivers in a sea of softness. It looks so solid, like it could be a land itself, but to put too much trust in something so beautiful would be unwise. I’ll continue to watch from below, and from above when opportunities arise. In lucky glances, I catch pieces of the patchwork of the earth – sections of land, so small and well organized from up here. Those small pieces are places to explore, fill of opportunity to collect another piece of the puzzle that covers our world. I’m drawn to wonder: what stories does that land hold, of people who live there, people who have died there, people who have visited? Continue reading “Waxing Poetic About a New Adventure”

A Month in Italy

There’s so much to share from this trip that it’s overwhelming. Emotionally, it was a roller coaster – it began with chaotic flights, loneliness, and minimal food to walking everywhere with good company and eating so much that we could barely move afterward. The people I met were the most important component of this trip, and the main reason for every bit of joy and every memory. I’ll do my best to string all of our crazy little stories together in a narrative to give you a glimpse of the people I met in our time together in Italy.

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The Dumpster Jacket

Early last week, I went through all my clothes because I felt like I had too much stuff that just wasn’t being used. All of the energy put into production for these pieces, and they were just sitting in a pile, waiting to be worn. I started feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff I had, and feeling like I was drowning in it. I spent so much time and energy moving it around, sorting it, making sure it didn’t get in the way – I was so frustrated at one point that I seriously considered just selling and donating everything in that split second.

And even now, a week later, I’m sorting through a pile of my belongings – more than just clothes this time – wondering how I managed to collect all these things without realizing that I already had so much stuff. I’m well aware of the fact that it was and is my mindset, but I wonder how I could be so wasteful of time, resources, and space. I was flat out wasteful, and once I realized that, I wanted to change. I know I’m not the only person who has realized what was happening.

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There Was So Much Coffee

The title of my blog page is “Coffee, Concepts, and Canon” and you’re probably wondering why that is since I haven’t talked about coffee at all or concepts very much. Heck, you might even wonder why I included “Canon” in the title – here’s why.

Coffee – I really love coffee. All coffee everything: chocolate covered coffee beans, hot coffee, iced coffee, coffee flavored ice cream – I love it all. Espresso is the best, by far, but the strong black coffee I had when I was in Copenhagen, DK, was absolutely spectacular too. American coffee is kind of weak and makes me sad.

Concepts – I’ve only had 3 other blog posts. It takes time for concepts to develop. Also, I launched this right before I left for my study abroad; the only concept I’ve been able to address has been my first travel experience, so hold on to your pants and we’ll get to the good stuff soon enough.

Canon – Might I refer you to my first post? I shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel T5, a camera that I call my baby because it’s my first DSLR and I love it so much. I’ve had it for almost a year now, and by the time it’s one year old, I’ll have taken 10,000 photos with it. I feel bad acknowledging it, but I do have a favorite lens – it’s my 75-300mm. It’s just so big and produces such clear, crisp images!

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