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Like many others, I’m intrigued by the complexities of people. Strangely enough, though, my fascination with portraits started about a year after I started focusing my photography on people. To learn more about others and do what I can to depict my understanding of them, I’ve taken to exploring the world around me, developing relationships with the people I meet, and expressing & communicating my creative perspective through digital and film photography.

I really fell in love with photography in December 2016. Since then, I’ve seen a significant change in my styles and skills – my focus was solely portraits when I started, and have since branched into candid portraiture and fashion photography, which are the two genres I find most fascinating. This blog was started originally as a way of documenting my travels abroad, but has since developed into a place where I document the people I meet, the process of developing shoot concepts, and a handful of miscellaneous thoughts.

My curiosity about the world and love for travel began at the end of my sophomore year of college – I had the opportunity to study abroad in Copenhagen thanks to the Honors Program and Study Abroad Office at Central Michigan University. You can read about my first adventures abroad in my very first blog posts! It was my first time traveling by myself, my first time flying somewhere, and my first time traveling internationally.

Since then, I’ve started traveling more independently, taking any opportunity available to me. My second international adventure took me to Florence for another study abroad trip – from experiencing all sorts of airline issues to having the best roommates of my entire college career to meeting other Americans in a statistically improbable way, it was truly a trip I will never forget. The summer following my senior year, I embarked on a new international adventure and provided photography services for nonprofits around Cape Town, South Africa. For a brief moment, I stepped into create vlogs of my adventures, which can be found on my Youtube channel. While I hope to continue experimenting with video as a medium, I’m prioritizing establishing myself as a photographer and artist in the Detroit area.

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